ACM NanoCom 2019

Student Travel Grants

ACM NanoCom 2019 is pleased to announce the availability of several student travel grants sponsored by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant No. CNS-1936277. Each travel grant will cover $1500.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for this travel grant, the applicant must be studying in an accredited US institution. Student recipients will be reimbursed after the conference (based on the collected receipts). Students must book their flights from US-based carriers. All recipients of the student travel grants are required to register by August 25, 2019 at a Student FULL Registration rate or a Student Registration rate. The final award is contingent upon the recipient showing a proof of registration.

In order to be considered for this travel grant, students DO NOT need to have a paper accepted in the conference. Preference will be given to undergraduate/graduate students who satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
  • First-time participants in the conference;
  • Undergraduate students or students in early stages of their graduate studies without alternate means of support;
  • Students from underrepresented minority groups or minority-serving institutions that are not traditionally represented in NanoCom;
  • Students who have not received NSF travel grants before.

Fractions of award reserved for special categories
  • 25% of the Total Awarded Funds are reserved for first-time attendees to NanoCom who do not have a paper accepted to the conference. Undergraduates and beginning graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply;
  • 25% of the Total Awarded Funds are reserved for under-represented groups (women, minorities and people with disabilities), who do not need to have paper accepted to the conference.

Application Procedure

An application for a student travel grant consists of the following documents:
  • A request letter from the student (see below);
  • The student's Curriculum Vitae;
  • A recommendation letter from the student's faculty advisor;
  • An estimate of the costs to attend NanoCom: airfare, hotel, and conference registration. It is anticipated that travel grants will partially cover these overall costs.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

The letter from the student should be at most one page and include the following information:

  • Whether the student has an authored paper being accepted by ACM NanoCom 2019 and the paper title (this is not a requirement to be selected for the travel award, but will determine whether the applicant is in one of the special categories defined above);
  • A brief summary of research interests and accomplishments to date; students should demonstrate a serious interest in networking, through their course work and projects;
  • A description of areas reflected in the ACM NanoCom 2019 program that would impact the student’s research;
  • A statement about why the conference attendance is important to the student.

The advisor's recommendation letter for the student should include:

  • Confirmation that the student is an undergraduate/graduate student in good academic standing;
  • The suitability of the ACM NanoCom 2019 program material to the student’s study/research areas;
  • Ways this particular student would benefit from attendance at the conference;
  • The advisor’s commitment to covering the student’s travel cost in excess of the travel grant.

Moreover, the application should include an itemized estimation from the student about the travel expenses of attending the conference, including airfare, lodging, conference registration, etc.

Applicants should create their application as a single PDF file, following the format described above.

After login to EDAS, click on the “Travel Grants" tab, look for a conference called "ACM NanoCom'19", and then submit the application. Direct link to the submission page is



Application Deadline August 19, 2019 at 23:59 EST
Notification Deadline August 26, 2019
Awardee Acceptance Deadline August 28, 2019

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